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An event in a tent...Well a giant Tipi to be exact,
filled with music, dancing, lighting, hog roasts and a BBQ.



TipiChic is a venture new to the north East, it’s about showing who you are on your wedding day and not just going with the flow, it’s about fun with formal an event that represents the couple and who they are, not just booking a venue because they have an elegant staircase…

TipiChic is an event in a tent, well a giant series of Tipis to be exact, the tipis are linked, lit and heated as required. With flooring, tables, seating, fire pit and mood lighting we can give you a chilled our or vibrant wedding in surrounding that suit your tastes.
Everything from our giant indoor fire pits to our huge glitter ball and everything in between can be transported to a location of your choice.

With plenty of room for our reasonably priced licensed bar, large dance floor and as many guests as you require you could have the Chic wedding of your dreams in a location that suits you.

The Nordic Tipis are warm and cosy when the winter weather sets in and in the summer we can open the sides to allow the outside in, hay bales and fire pits outside would be a welcome chill out spot for the summer nights.

With our lantern lit carpeted pathways and huge choice of décor to dress the internal areas of the tipis your wedding can be as individual as you are and we would be very much on hand to not only make this the best day of your life but also the best event any of your guests have ever attended.



TipiChic would be happy to simply erect our stunning Tipi structures for you in any location from your rear garden, community centre grounds, farmers’ fields, sports grounds or anywhere in between. If you would love a tipi


wedding but don’t know where to put them speak to us, we have covered dozens of weddings in some amazing locations.

We would be happy to arrange a drinks package, give your guests an arrival drink, maybe a pims on a summer’s day or a bottle of beer for the guys. Celebration drinks and wine on the tables is also an option that we can arrange.

We would be happy to offer our knowledge on some of the finest catering companies in the area that can create a picnic feast, BarBQ, hog roast or formal dinner.

We can guide you through the tasks required and help you on each step of the way so that you can have the perfect wedding that reflects your style as a couple.

TipiChic work with some quality suppliers who understand what we do and how we do it.





Create Your Perfect Spacecatering from 30 to 400 guests




[icon_box title=”1 x Stratus Tipi” icon=”fa-check-square-o” show_button=”true” button_text=”More Information” button_link=”javascript:void(0)”]A Single Stratus 72 can seat between 48-64 and is ideal for a small wedding, birthday or corporate event.[/icon_box]


[icon_box title=”2 x Stratus Tipis” icon=”fa-check-square-o” show_button=”true” button_text=”More Information” button_link=”javascript:void(0)”]Two Stratus 72 tipi’s joined together can seat between 90-120 guests and can house a bar and dance floor.[/icon_box]


[icon_box title=”3 x Stratus Tipis” icon=”fa-check-square-o” show_button=”true” button_text=”More Information” button_link=”javascript:void(0)”]Three Tipi’s can seat between 96-192 and is ideal for a medium-large wedding with a bar, fire pit, dance floor and stage.[/icon_box]


[icon_box title=”4 x Stratus Tipis” icon=”fa-check-square-o” show_button=”true” button_text=”More Information” button_link=”javascript:void(0)”]Four of our Tipi’s combined can seat between 120-208 guests and is ideal for large weddings or corporate events and can include a bar, fire pit, stage and dance floor.[/icon_box]


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