The Tipi’s

The Exterior

Our Tipi’s are simply made by covering  wooden poles with a natural canvas.  Innovative designs enable the Tipi’s to be warmed by open fires or external heaters without compromising its outstanding protection from the elements.  The sides of the Tipi can be lifted to make to most of a beautiful summers day or lowered to keep the interior toasty warm.

One Tipi has a diameter of approx. 10 meters and can comfortably accommodate 64 people for a sit down meal.

The Tipi’s can be joined together to make one large party space.

Two Tipi’s joined together can host 130 for a sit down meal.

We can supply a grand carpeted walkway with a string of lights, braziers or torches leading to the entrance of the Tipi.

The Interior

Furniture for hire:

We can provide a natural looking carpet (which is actually made from re-cycled carrier bags) this can be laid directly onto the grass or onto a wooden base.

You can hire our beautiful re-cycled wooden dance floor which is 4m x 4m.

We have our own unique

wooden tables and benches, hand made from re-claimed church pews.  If you would prefer chairs with backs – we have them too!

We can supply chair covers, table linen, table decoration, crockery, cutlery, candles and glassware.

Decoration of the Tipi:

The interior of the Tipi is beautiful all on its own however it can be enhanced by decorating with lighting (including fairy lights), flowers and an array of hanging ornaments such as bunting, bird cages or lanterns.  We have a selection that can be hired and installed by us or you can have fun by providing your own and decorating the Tipi yourself (conditions apply).


We can provide fire pits for inside and outside the Tipi, the appropriate fuel will be supplied and a member of staff to take care of them at all times.

We can also provide heating for the Tipi’s by using external diesel heater that heat air which is then ducted into the Tipi’s.

A generator might also be needed, again we can supply this if required.

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