How Many Do I Need?

TipiChic is a very cool event in a tent, or, a giant series of linked Tipis which can be furnished, lit and heated as required. With flooring, tables, seating, fire pit and mood lighting we can give you a chilled our or vibrant wedding in surrounding that suit your tastes.

Up to 64 Guests

A Single Stratus 72 can seat up to 64 guests and is ideal for an intimate wedding, birthday or corporate event.

Up to 130 Guests

Two Stratus 72 tipi’s joined together can seat up to 130 guests and can also house a bar and dance floor.

Up to 180 Guests

Three Tipi’s can seat up to 180 guests and is ideal for a medium-large wedding with a bar, fire pit, dance floor and stage.

Up to 240 Guests

Four of our Tipi’s joined together can seat up to 240 guests and is ideal for large weddings or corporate events and can include a bar, fire pit, stage and dance floor.

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